• Hey, I'm JOEY

    Passionately Curious Growth Strategist & Experiment Designer.


    Need help creating & executing a robust digital strategy? Want to know where you stand with your venture idea at record speeds? Whether it's upgrading your marketing roadmap, empowering your(self) team for the future, or smartly generating qualified leads, I’ll help you gain clarity and focus on maximising the effectiveness of your digital efforts.


    My name is AYOOLA Ajibola Josephus. Almost everyone calls me JOEY. I am a young (25 years old) passionately curious ENFJ guy who is excited to take on new challenges daily. I currently work as a Consultant with The Growth Revolution, where I grow corporate and startup teams through a compelling mix of experiment design, growth hacking, and innovative marketing.


    I'm on an adventure to create and share meaningful experiences. Want to learn more about my journey so far? Please scroll down 👇🏾



    ---- Here's what I've done so far ----

    Growth Consultant & Experiment Designer

    Since February 2018

    I work with a team of T-Shaped consultants who help corporate and startup organisations with end-to-end solutions to remove the guessing from your marketing and drive ROI with growth hacking bootcamps, experiment design, side project marketing and data-driven execution.

    Companies I have work(ed) with includes; Philips, Sappi, sdworx, Luminus, Wolters Kluwer etc..

    Growth Marketing Consultant

    January 2016 - June 2016

    I was part of the founding team of the first e-commerce store in Sub-Saharan Africa specialised in bakers' confectionery. The goal of the platform is to create an online marketplace for Bakers and cake lovers all across Nigeria.

    I ideated, executed, managed and analysed digital marketing campaigns focused on driving awareness and acquiring & retaining loyal customers. I periodically shipped experiments to optimise the user experience and conversion rates.

    Brand Ambassador & Project Manager

    June 2013 - August 2014

    I worked as a project manager and digital evangelist responsible for driving adoption of Google's technologies and promoting Google's opportunities for students amongst university communities.

    My role also involved helping various teams at Google better understand the campus' culture, driving the deployment of Google Apps for Education in my university, and facilitating the adoption of YouTube amongst Nigerian creatives.

    Country Director, Marketing & Digital Experience

    June 2011 - August 2017

    For the first 6 years of my career, I joined AIESEC - The world largest youth-driven organisation, where I worked in diverse teams, functions from a local to a global scope.

    In the last three years of my membership, I led the Marketing operation of the Nigerian and Belgian offices, where I was responsible for executing and managing branding, PR, digital marketing and IT projects.


    Here's a snippet on how I connect the dots and various stakeholders to create a more significant impact!

    Digital Strategy & Advertising

    5+ years experience driving online marketing on a large scale

    Applying growth hacking mindset to digital marketing campaigns and managing the whole process from ideas on paper to measuring ROI & scaling the process is what I do well. Consistently staying in the know of the latest trends in digital marketing is my daily diet.

    Business Venture Validation

    Validating riskiest business ideas at record speeds

    Through rapid experimentation and user testing, I help startup, and corporate teams validate if their (new) venture idea(s) is ready to go-to-market and scale. This process involves implementing a wide variety of entrepreneurial tools and an agile way of working.

    Working & Living Agile

    Thinking like an artist & acting like a scientist | Life-long learner

    Agile describes the approach to my personal & professional development. I love getting in the classroom, doing keynotes or even delivering workshops. I work with teams that embrace the power of extraordinary openness and enjoys challenges.


    My Personal BHAG is:

    "Enable simple growth solutions for businesses and impact 10 million lives before age 30."


    This is a really audacious goal which I can't achieve alone.

    I'm here to create meaningful and lasting relationships, Contact me, let's build something unusual & grow together!


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